About Me

I live in Bath with my family and feel very grateful to live a relatively calm and purposeful life these days. It's not like that always as I still get times when I feel stuck but they are nothing like the months I used to feel in a hopeless and depressed state in my twenties.

I'm really starting to feel that I have been searching for myself on this journey of life. I eat relatively healthily and avoid sugar and caffeine as I'm a really sensitive soul, I love spending time with my daughter Olive who has been an inspiration and a reason to continue healing myself and others.

I love being outside, yoga and lots of early morning deep breathing sessions to clear the fog of the mind. I also work part-time for a bike project in Bath working with people who have been excluded and marginalised in life. I have felt connected with something far greater than myself, then sometimes like I'm right at the beginning again.

Life is a strange, difficult and amazing journey, as I get older I realise I know less and feel more but I'm glad to be sailing in familiar waters instead being lost on a ghost ship torn between two shores.